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Dundalk based mechanics specialized in turbo reconditioning, remapping, engine reviving and fine tuning.

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We can either recondition, exchange, repair, re-manufacture or rebuild your turbo – and this is our strongest skill – but we are also modifying and tunning petrol and diesel engines, we do all kind of mechanical repairs and we service all popular car brands in use in Ireland.


Reconditioning, servicing, repair, re-manufacture, rebuild or exchange.


Diagnostics, repair and maintenance of all motor brands.


Interval, full, or major service, NCT test pre-check or just the oil change.


DPF, EGR, flap intake, ECU remapping or fine engine tunning.

Turbo Reconditioning

Repairing and servicing turbos since 2012

Our main expertise – hence the name of the company – is Turbo Reconditioning.

We could offer a range of repair options, we either rebuild the unit by replacing only the damaged part or fully re-manufacture it using genuine parts – this includes renewing shafts, compressor wheels, bearings and seals. We can completely disassemble the turbo unit and then rebuild it in-house with genuine parts. 

In the unlikely event that we are unable to repair it, there is a possibility to exchange the turbo with a brand-new or refurbished unit. 

We are selling new turbos and supply everything of its parts, from bolts to a complete turbo CHRA, including kits, compressor wheels and shafts and actuators. 

And if you too are based in or around Dundalk, Co Louth, we can remove and refit the turbo unit at your place.

Most often turbos fail because of oil starvation or contamination, also because of overspeed, so before any diagnosis is given we will have to take the turbo off and thoroughly inspect it, even at your place, then if it is actually reparable we will securely box it and take it to our garage for repair, rebuild or re-manufacture. In case repairing is not a viable option, we will offer a replacement (on the spot) from our large selection of turbos in stock.

Turbo servicing

  • turnaround time 3-5 working days 
  • all turbo reconditioning works come with 12 months warranty

Modifications & Remapping


DPFs (or diesel particulate filters) are great inventions but have a limited capacity to store the diesel soot that has to be regularly burned off to regenerate the DPF, and if the soot blocks the filter, it can stop the engine from running and leave you with a hefty repair bill for either cleaning or replacing the DPF – visit us as soon as your DPF warning light flashes up on your dashboard!

Most modern turbo diesel engines are fitted with Intake Manifold Flap Actuator / Adjuster, those can sometimes break and you will experience a loss of power – we can service that, repair or exchange for new.  

Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve, EGR, is a simple but important part of your exhaust system, feeding parts of engine’s carbon dioxide back into the combustion system to reduce the operating temperature and prevent harmful nitrogen oxide, it can fail too and typically you will notice a black smoke, a drop in engine power, poorer fuel economy and rough sounding noises, sometimes even before the warning light illuminates – we can simply open, remove or replace it before it causes reductions in power and fuel economy.

ECU Remapping

Engine remaps were once the preserve of a boy-racer brigade, but most recent software developments prove the benefits of a remap, the technique is becoming mainstream, remapping options are well understood and appreciated – even if you are not fully up to speed, you will already know that altering the software improves how your engine delivers its performance.

Most new cars power output is limited by the software running in the engine control unit (ECU), with an ECU remap you will get greater performance, more pulling power and increased economy. For example VW 1.6 TDI engine remapped with extra 12-18 bhp and 46-69Nm can get up to 20% increase in mpg.


DPFs need to be regularly emptied and properly regenerated, and we are experts in restoring them and helping your vehicle run back smoothly


We can simply open, remove or replace EGR valve before it damages your turbo, causes reductions in power and lower fuel economy.


We do have a wide selection of Flap Intake Actuators in stock mainly for German cars but we can order next day delivery for all other brands.


Remap brings more power and increases fuel economy as it adds torque lower down the rev range so the engine doesn’t have to work as hard as before.


Regular car services

As a car owner, you’re surely aware that regular service at a trustworthy garage is crucial to maintain your vehicle’s health and longevity. We know people are trying to evade sky-high prices by cutting corners, but this practice tends to be a significant recurring expense in the long run. So competent mechanics like us will always advise reliability and quality of service at a reasonable price.

We offer a full range of servicing options including full and interim services for all brands. Some of the services include computer diagnostics, oil and filter changing, brake fluid changing, electrical diagnostics, cam belt replacement, engine performance test, switches/controls, air conditioning service and repairs, battery replacements and exhausts replacements.

Expertise & Care

With our expertise and attention to detail, we are highly qualified for servicing all petrol and diesel cars, all brands.

And whatever type of service you choose, standard, full or major, you will always get the highest level of customer care, promised.


All brands mechanical repairs

As you have already heard, we are experts for engines and turbos, but we also offer diagnostics, tune-ups and general mechanical repairs. Starting with your dashboard warning lights, we can instantly diagnose and handle the problem using our advanced diagnostic equipment. Our team of dedicated mechanics with years of fully qualified expertise, experience and an in-depth understanding of car mechanics vehicles will always find a remedy for issues ranging from brakes, clutches, transmission, engine faults, belts and shock absorbers, to cambelts, exhausts, welding, batteries, head gaskets and suspension.

We are proud to offer specialist repair on cars and vans. Mechanical repairs are no hassle due to our technological and mechanical state-of-the-art equipment giving us a hand alongside a wealth of experience. And do not worry, we happily offer our expert guidance and give competitive quotes that will not leave your budget busted. We started as friendly neighbourhood mechanics and we will stay that way no matter how big we grow.

Quick pre-NCT test checks are available – visit us on your way to the testing facility.

We also supply second-hand and rebuilt engines for all vehicles!


Frequently turbo asked questions

What is your turbo problem? A blown turbo, boost controller issues, turbo damage from a broken manifold, or just a loss of power? How will you know? 

Three main turbo failure modes are oil starvation, oil contamination and foreign object damage, so you will surely experience signs of turbo failure such as:

  • Power loss
  • Whining noises
  • Excessive smoke 
  • Dashboard "check engine" warning light
  • Limp mode 

Turbo malfunctioning can be caused by various factors like the insufficient or wrong type of oil, DPF problems, damaged seals, etc., so if you experience any of the turbo failure signs, you should avoid driving as more severe engine problems will quickly follow if you do not.

And as soon as you identify turbo failure, contact us for advice to minimise the risk of more severe problems - the longer you drive with a blown turbo, the worse the possible damage to your vehicle and the greater the repair cost.

Providing remanufacturing is done properly by qualified and certified professionals as we are, remanufactured turbo unit is as good as new for several reasons – one of them being that you cannot be sure if a brand-new turbo will perfectly or not fit your not-new engine, it needs a bit of time to show performance, while the properly remanufactured unit will fit 100%.

Plus, if you care for the environment, as we all do, the remanufacturing process will save natural resources and energy while also saving you money!

No, we are mobile, we will take the turbo unit off your car and repair it in our garage, all you need to do is to talk to us – most often we will be able to quickly replace your turbo on the spot so that you can continue using your car. 


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