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Dundalk based mechanics specialized in turbo reconditioning, remapping, engine reviving and fine tuning.

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Turbo specialists since 2012
Having been in the turbocharger industry for over 10 years, we can either recondition, exchange, repair, re-manufacture or rebuild your turbo – and this is our strongest skill – but we are also modifying and tunning engines, we do mechanical repairs and we service all popular car brands in use in Ireland.

Based in Dundalk since 2012, we are reconditioning turbochargers, selling new turbo units, and supply everything of its parts, from bolts to a complete turbo CHRA, including kits, compressor wheels and shafts and actuators.

As a Louth motor company situated nearby NCT test centre and qualified to carry out all pre NCT resting for all makes and models of cars, we offer a comprehensive pre-NCT test check-ups and services.

We also do general cars, vans and light commercial vehicles servicing and repairs, timing belts change, clutches, gearboxes, oil changes, brake pads, shocks, gasket replacement, engine repairs and modifications, suspension and transmission repairs, DPF filters, EGR valves, flap intakes, ECU tunning, and some other cool stuff – check it out.